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For this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rob Kerry of Ayima joins the studio to talk about the Penguin update to Google.

White Hat/Black Hat

Whether your SEO provider is White hat or Black hat doesn’t really matter, look at the techniques they are using. This isn’t an update about buying links, it’s about how you’re trying to manipulate Google.

Link Foot prints/Profiles

Now, as long as on-page is optimised properly and there are a few links into it using commercial terms, just build up the authority and trust of the website.

Anchor ratios

In Open Site Explorer, look at the group linking domains for your website. If your commercial terms are near the top, you need to work on getting better links going into your site. This is basically Google’s step towards an over-optimisation penalty.

Content providers

Do NOT use these people, as adding pages and pages of content will negatively affect you.

No ‘Quick Fix’

Rather than looking for one solution, just try to make your website unique and useful, and build it’s authority.