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Changes to the way Google filters results mean branding is more important than ever. In late 2009, Google’s Vince updates gave preference to the bigger, better known brands which were noticed by most SEO professionals.

In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand alerts us to some smaller, but still important changes that can be leveraged by good branding.

  • Personalization – Google now ranks sites according to the users previous searches.

  • Social Search – if users link their social media accounts with Google, references to your brands on the user’s social network will help your ranking.

  • Cannibalization – viral content may not be linked in the traditional way and instead discussed on Twitter etc.


Branding can leverage these changes. To improve branding, Rand recommends the following:

  • Traditional Marketing – radio or television ads can boost SEO efforts.

  • Social Engagement – get your brand name out on social media, aim to get it associated with your top keywords.

  • Growing Evangelists – get people to sell your brand for you.

  • Leveraging your Audience – a good thing to try is sending an email to your email list asking them to search a certain term in Google. This will not only market you in the short-term, but also bias their personalized search to your site.