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The Dos and Don’ts of Link Building

Cyrus takes us through the rules of link building. 

Winning the Game by Playing by the Rules

Things not to do come first so you know how not to get penalized for your efforts.

Link Building Don’ts

  • Don’t just link anywhere, control where you leave that anchor text and preferably leave it with reputable sites.
  • Don’t scale those links, these are an easy footprint for you to get that penalty.
  • Don’t ask for that anchor text, it is best when you have a natural link profile.
  • Don’t do external links in the footer, just don’t. Google has made it clear, its trouble.
  • Don’t place sitewide links except for navigation purposes, just don’t same reason.

Link Building Dos

  • Do make that effort and still do link building, it still works as long as you play by the rules.
  • Do focus on “distribution,” get others to look your way and the links come naturally.
  • Do some outreach, targeted distribution.
  • Do evaluate link value in terms of traffic quality, this is always equal.
  • Do embrace nofollow linking, these still have value.

When you do it right you just don’t do good link building but you do good marketing.