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As he gets older, Danny is beginning to forget things. So today, he shows us his pre-launch checklist for new pages, so you won’t forget the things you didn’t remember in the first place… yeah?

Critical checklist

  • Targeting – is there a specific keyword phrase the page wants to target?

  • Content – is the content unique and indexable?

  • Title tag – is it less than 70 characters and include the targeted phrase?

  • URL – is it semantically clear, short and targeting the phrase?

  • Meta description – is it less than 155 characters?

  • Rel=canonical – is it there? If it isn’t, put it there.

  • Alt text – do all images have alt text? At least one should target the keyword.

  • Internal linking – are these using the targeted phrase?

Not-quite-as-critical checklist

  • Meta robots – does the page need these?

  • Robots.txt – only use if you have to.

  • Meta keywords – take them out if they are there.

  • H1 – does it include the keyword?

  • Cloaking – is it cloaking the search engines?

  • Capitalization – does it render with capitalization in the URL?

  • Trailing slash – does the page render with and without a trailing slash?