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  1. Interactions that earn links

Engage with a community, person or a brand to earn links. A great way to do this is by commenting on a blog or Google plus post, . This is most effectively done early and often. This makes you more likely to be noticed by the editors.  The important thing to remember when doing this is that you add value to the post. Expressing your appreciation is nice, but referencing some relevant content, doing further research or to in some way make the conversation more interesting is what will draw the editor’s attention.

  1. Search for link-likely targets

Identify people who will be likely to give you links so you can then reach out specifically to them.

  • Google Plus

  • Followerwonk

  • Linkedin

  • Facebook

  • Google searches with website semi colon.  i.e. “tumblr; bio”

  1. Post content that will capture a target’s attention and cc/ping them

e.g. Twitter post: “I analyze @Hipmonk vs. @Kayak on my latest blog post

The people doing social media monitoring for Hipmonk or Kayak are likely to click on the link and may reference it, tweet it and endorse it.

  1. Earn high engagement interactions and followings on your community and “latent”/second-order impact links will follow

Popular links get automatically republished by certain web sites and people are likely to come across your link and link it without you asking. This makes social a very powerful tool for link building.