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The web can sometimes be an impersonal place, so face-to-face networking at conferences and seminars can be invaluable according to Rand. In person networking has the following advantages:

  • You can talk to people about their experience in implementing some of the strategies you may only have theoretical knowledge of.

  • Connections at these events can present opportunities like invitations, free stuff, jobs etc.

  • Speakers and sponsors get links from these events. Also, attendees often find like-minded people who may link them.

  • ‘SMuddies’ – Social media buddies can be found at these sort of events, and the social element of these events mean it’s likely these people will be willing to help you out with your social media marketing.

  • For individuals and companies, networking in person is good for branding as it adds a personal touch.

  • You can find people who may be able to work with you in developing your business.

  • If you have a new idea, these events are great for bouncing your ideas off those who may have some experience or insight valuable to you.