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Ways of Content Amplification

Ben and Brian shows us several ways on how to maximize the reach of your content efforts. Marketing content usually involves a similar process across the board for many out there but if you can get out of that mold, it could get better.

Typical Process

  • Launch it
  • Promote it
  • Hope… Pray… Forget
  • Next

Effective to an extent but the life cycle is too short for something with so much effort put into it.


  • Social Integration
    • Have share buttons? Do they actually work?
    • Invest in proper open graph tags.
    • Align it all with the target audience don’t go for the carpet bomb approach where all social media buttons are there, instead identify where your audience hangs out and use those share buttons.
    • Twitter Cards work and can be useful to implement.
  • Social Promotion Done Better
    • Frequency and Timing – Forget the idea of launching at just about anytime and doing nothing after that, instead adopt a strategy of targeting when you have a wider audience and rehashing/redoing promotional efforts at later stages.
    • Vary your posts and this can also serve as testing data. It comes back to rehashing the promotional message, examples would be quotes from the content, a key takeaway, bullet point, headline, stat or commentary.
    • Optimize for the channel.
  • Paid Social Amplification
    • Facebook Ads with precise targeting to your intended audience
    • Promoter Tweets
    • StumbleUpon paid discovery
    • Outbrain

The bottomline is, you can implement a better way and expect better results. It is almost a guarantee that the life cycle will never again be too short.