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In this edition of Whiteboard Friday, Rand takes a look at using emails for link building.

Getting Users to Sign-Up

Have a subscription sign-up form on your website with these things in mind:

  • Indicate the frequency emails will be sent out (e.g. once a week, once a month) and stick to this

  • Promise value for subscribers

  • Ask for as little information as possible apart from their name and email address. Having the user’s name allows you to better personalize emails but too much info can make the sign-up process seem too daunting and may turn potential subscribers away.

  • With the subscription box, experiment with different designs and headlines to see what attracts more people to subscribe.

Get the Most Out of Your Email List

  • Track the activity of subscribers – Who is active? Who hasn’t opened your newsletter in a while? If you have people on your mailing list that don’t read your emails, remove them. They may be flagging you for spam.

  • Geotag emails by using the I.P address. This way you can further personalise emails to users.

  • Use email addresses to find social media accounts for users and use this as another medium to reach out.

Link-Building Through Email Subscribers

  • Give access to subscribers to create a profile in your community. If you include things like job title, portfolio etc., they may link to that profile for career purposes.

  • Send emails personally to users that engage or interact with your site often

  • Look through domain names on email addresses. If  you find a person with a company domain which has domain authority, reach out to them. They already like what you do, because they signed up, so these are great people to contact in search of links.

  • Canvas support from those who sign up to your RSS feed by occasionally asking them to share a link. They already probably like you, which makes them easy link targets.

  • Share embeddable content like tools, badges and graphics in emails