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Today, Rand looks at how you can use FollowerWonk effectively for Twitter.

Bio Search

  • Outreach – look for journalists or bloggers in a niche.

  • Geo-targeting – find people to connect with.

  • Events and interests – search for people attending similar events.

Compare users

  • See who is following your competitors, but not following you. You can sort users by influence, follower count, ratio or other filters. If someone is following two or more of your competitors, it’s likely they have an interest in that field and makes them a potential target for outreach.


  • You can use this to find out what times your followers are online. This can be used to help you reach a bigger audience with your posts.

  • This feature can also be used to find out high influencers and whether they’re the right target for you to connect with.


  • See what content you are posting that is gaining or losing you followers.