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Google is increasingly using indicators from Google+ users’ accounts and profiles to influence ranking factors. Even results which on a logged out search would usually not even appear in the top 100 results, have been seen to jump to top ten results for when a search is done by a user logged into a google+ account which is somehow linked to the webpage. This link could be through their +1s, shares or network on Google+.

This has exponentially increased the value of utilising Google+ in your social media campaigns. It means: 

  • Even connecting with people that aren’t very actively using their Google+ accounts will be valuable to connect with to increase your ranking on their searches.
  • You get increased rankings from this form of social as opposed to just increased traffic.
  • Of the results that are heavily biased due to Google+ factors, they tend to be recently active. This suggests there’s a freshness bias also playing a part in this so publishing regularly on Google+ is important as well.

Tip: If you can find a topic particularly valuable to your Google+ audience, publishing on it on a regularly scheduled basis can take advantage of the bias towards fresh content on Google+.

  • Even if you don’t have a valuable Google+ audience, connecting with influencers on Google+ who may share your content enables you to leverage their audience.