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Today, Rand looks at monitoring social media to help with your inbound marketing strategies.

Background on Social Media Monitoring

Brands have branded and unbranded keywords. The unbranded keywords will get you into the brands funnel, and in the SEO world, these are considered as coming from a search engine. Now, there’s a social perspective too.


There are many channels with which to connect with your audience. One of these is social mentions – for example, search on Twitter for your brand, and then see what products or other topics are mentioned along with your brand. You can see who and where these people are, so that you can reach out to them.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitor unbranded terms to identify, understand and connect with influencers and their world. You can find these influencers using tools like FollowerWonk and FindPeople on Plus where you can search for bios. Build relationships with these influencers, and share interesting things over time before getting into promotional stuff.

Reaching out directly is dangerous territory. Don’t Tweet a generic spammy marketing message – try something like “Let me know if you need a hand. Also, here’s a 20% off coupon”. Keep it creative, insightful, personalised and authentic.

Reaching out privately can also be tricky to navigate, though it can be effective to build relationships especially for doing one-to-one business development. As with reaching out directly, reaching out privately has to be authentic for it to be effective.

The final strategy is to find content that’s been referenced. This is when, for example, a Twitter user has found something on another site. The referenced site may be a place to link with journalists, writers or contribute content. You could connect via comment marking, by leaving comments or engaging on a consistent basis. Again, it must be authentic.