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In this Whiteboard Friday, Ruth covers using Twitter as a way to build links from relationships. She will tell you what you’ll need to start, then who to find and what to say.


  • Create awesome content.

  • Be real and realistic.

Find Your Targets

  • Use Open Site Explorer to look at yours and your competitors backlinks. Create a list of sites to target for links.

  • Use Blogrolls and Multilinks plug in to find all the links you may be interested in.

  • Get Twitter handles.

  • Use FollowerWonk to do the above steps in reverse.

    • URL contains “.com”

    • Compare followers/followed

What to Say

  • Sharing is caring – share other peoples stuff and they might share yours.

  • Tell people they’re great – compliment people (without being creepy).

  • Answer a question and provide a resource.

  • Introduce people to each other.

  • Ask with discretion – wait until you’ve established relationships with people, and don’t ask outright for people to link to you. Rather, share something with them that you think they will like.