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It seems that it’s time for UX and SEO to work together, though this hasn’t always been the case. In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains a few UX myths that SEO’s should really forget.


Is it better to have a one step form, or multi-step? A lot of the time, multi-step is better, as it is simple and straight forward. It also doesn’t overwhelm the user. However, test usability to check which is better for you.

More choices equals higher conversions?

Rather than having five or six social media sharing buttons, choose the ones that work best or you and your users, and cut the rest. If you give too many choices, it’s actually harder for users to make a choice.

Bad stock photos or no graphics?

Mostly, you’re better off to not use the bad stock photos. If you can’t find anything to go with your post, break it up with sub-headings and have good typography.

People never scroll

Over the past decade, people have been trained to scroll, so content below the fold is just as valuable as what is above.

Great UX cannot co-exist with good SEO

Actually, UX and SEO are entwined for the best results. If they are not tied together, something is going wrong in the process.