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Sometimes an issue arises for SEOs when informative and interesting associated content is ranking well, while the pages with high conversion rates, and which you get sales from, don’t.  Rand explains how you can incorporate the more commercial content with the pages that are getting you links to optimize results. Below are some suggestions:

  • Combine the content into one page.  Use rel canonical or 301 to redirect users to the new combined page while keeping the better ranking.

  • Establish authority in your industry so people want to ask you for favours and use your content. When people do this, ask for a link to your product or sales page in return.

  • Incorporate a sales message into your less commercial content that ranks. Experiment with different formats of incorporating this.

  • Use your less commercial content to create a community around your brand. Once people are engaged with your brand, market to them through things such as email newsletters.