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In Rand’s personal opinion, this is what an SEO’s job is. However, everyone’s job should involve being effective at accomplishing the goals. This is Rand’s framework of the job of an SEO.

  • What are the marketing goals? Some may be broad, and others narrow.

  • How can traffic/rankings help achieve those goals?

  • What inputs affect the success of your SEO? This is campaign specific. Dependent on the goals, this may not relate directly to rankings.

What should be included in the SEO’s job?

Some people might have their own opinions on whether these things are part of the SEO’s job. But if the SEO can positively affect the rest of the process, it should be part of their job!

  • UI/UX

  • Speed

  • Accessibility/Responsive design

  • Content strategy

  • Branding

  • Press and PR

  • “Classic SEO”; meaning keywords, links, URL’s

  • Hundreds of other things – whatever it needs to include

Basically, the SEO’s job is to help achieve the marketing goals in any way they can.