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To help track the performance of different pieces of content, Richard Baxter recommends segmenting it into sections. You could use sections like tools, all blog posts, articles, etc. This is super easy if you have a clean site structure. Next, you’ll want the following data points.

  • Number of pages per segment – Crawl your site using a tool like Link Sleuth to get this number.

  • Number of keywords sending traffic – You want to know how many different keywords are delivering one or more visits to each segment.

  • Number of pages getting entries from search engines – Pick whichever engine/s you’d prefer, usually Google. This is also the number of pages in the segment that are being indexed.

  • Total visits from search engines – This is the entire number of search engine visits to the whole segment.

  • Percentage of total visits that performed a conversion action – You’ll need some conversion actions set up in your analytics, but this will really help you figure out your strongest content.

All these numbers will help you figure out what content is working best for you, and what isn’t working at all. This can help you decide where to focus your time and energy.