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This week, Rand talks about when targeting your keywords gets difficult, along with some helpful hints.

Multiple Keywords on a single page

There are a few things here to keep in mind.

  • The intent of users

  • Natural word usage – don’t put a list of keywords together; it doesn’t make sense.

  • Combing when it makes sense

Internal and external linking

Use the breadcrumb method of linking to help users and search engines. Using categories that can be easily navigated to from anywhere will help users and engines quickly access the information they’re after.

Advanced strategies

  • The “Move It!” – You may have your own reasons for moving it, or the search engine is ranking the wrong page. Use 301 or rel=canonical, but be careful. Rel=canonical should only be used for duplicate content, for example, the print version of a page.

  • The “Replace It!” – Replace the content at an old URL that ranks well. You can also create a new URL for the old content. This way, you won’t lose the links pointing to the page.

  • The “Consolidate It!” – This is a great time to use internal or named anchors, and hash tags. Put all the content on the one page, but in different sections. That way, people can still quickly get to the information they want.