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In last week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand looked at link metrics. This week, he looks at how to use those metrics effectively.

High level SERPS analysis

Use page authority, domain authority, number of linking root domains/c-blocks.

Link quality analysis

Use PageRank vs mozRank and mozTrust, the number of external vs internal links, and follow vs nofollow links.


Use Domain mR/Domain mT, Domain Authority, number of linking roots and c blocks.

Most “Helpful” links to raise rankings

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How well does that site/page rank?

  • How relevant/useful is it?

  • Do the sites/pages it links to rank well?

Then look at mR vs PR, mR vs mT, number of links/linking roots.

Sorting of links

Look at PA/DA/Number of linking roots, and use Link Acquisition Assistant.

Deep SERPS analysis

EVERYTHING!!! Look at all the metrics you have.