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Dark social

  • Looking at the traffic coming in to a website is great. It may be coming through from Twitter, Facebook, being referred by random sites, and some coming through in Google Analytics as direct.
  • Most of the time, people won’t be typing in a long URL to go directly to the page. The page is being shared socially, via text or chat; this is dark social.
  • Tagging helps us determine how people are finding your site so you can see which strategies are working for you.


  • Ensure you tag all your work using UTM parameters, otherwise you will not get credit for your work.
  • Mostly, untagged links will come in in two ways – either as a referral from Twitter, Facebook and email, or direct.
  • If you use paid search, untagged links will come in as organic.
  • If you don’t tag your work, you can’t take the credit you deserve.

Other issues

  • Sometimes you can tag all your URL’s properly and have done a great job. However, check if you create a new paid search landing page that it is tagged ASAP.
  • If you don’t, when Google Analytics sees the visits on the following pages, it won’t know where they came from, and it will show up as direct.


  • Remember, the more control you have over your data, the more useful it will be.