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Guest Posting and Blogging: Beware of the Link Demon

Rand takes us down the slippery slope of guest posting and blogging and how it can turn from an angelic white hat link strategy to increase traffic, develop authority and ranking into a demonic black hat blunder.

Why We Do Guest Posting and Blogging

  1. We want to increase the footprint or reach of our content because our own site has limited traffic.
  2. We get links from this extended footprint or reach and this also improves your ranking, traffic and develops that authority.

When does Guest Posting and Blogging Cross the Line

There is a line in the sand that, when crossed, veers you from the white hat and takes you over to the dark side. This effort in the white hat strategy does more than just provide you with links, it also gains you some ranking, traffic and authority but when you fall to the darkside, you get less concerned about everything else and your only focus becomes the links generated by it.

Why does Guest Posting and Blogging become a Blunder

The short answer is because Google is in the initial stages of developing algorithm that will target spammy forms of guest posting and blogging. You run the risk of getting removed from the index for months and even longer. Penalties are also hard to rectify and they take more work than doing it right.

Put on the Brakes

After getting some authority from the great content that you shared as a guest post, perhaps even several, take further efforts at creating that wonderful content on your site. This allows for all that great content to concentrate its effects to your site instead of on others.

You are Wrong If you Think:

  • Link volume is always better. Wrong, links are not created equal and targeting quality link volume is better than going for just any link out there.
  • Lesser editorial restrictions and content quality is better. You may think that you have it easier at getting that link and your content posted but consider the quality of the link, you will be getting as well.
  • Getting that link is top priority. Not the case as well, traffic, influence and credibility that helps establish authority can outweigh the link.

When to do Guest Posting and Blogging

  • you are trying to reach a new audience
  • you are creating a relationship with another company

Last Word

Best material always stays on your own site, no matter what.