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So you love the traffic your linkbait gets, and wish you could get that to your landing pages. This week, Rand shows us why the two don’t mix well, and some tips for their co-existence.

Landing page

A landing page is very similar to a sales pitch. It’s a chance to build your brand and informational with a sales goal.

Linkbait page

This page is free, whatever is provided is free. It has not commercial intent. These pages are easily consumable, enjoyable and shareable.

Options to bring these pages together harmoniously

White hat options

  • Make a product linkbait worthy – look at Freemium.

  • Build linkbait to grow domain authority.

  • Begin with a linkbait page, then later add commercial messaging.

Grey/Black hat options – This is NOT endorsed by SEOMoz

  • Start with a linkbait page, then once you have lots of links coming in, 301 re-direct it to your landing page or change the content.

  • Cloak linkbait.