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In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand barracks for the use of of visual assets over popular infographics. He explains the issues with the most infographics and the benefits of visual assets.


Rand controversially admits that he dislikes the majority of infographics. He gives the following reasons for his contrarian stance:

  • overused
  • too many low quality infographics
  • Expensive to produce – usually requires a graphic designer
  • Because they usually have quite a specific narrative, they are not as transferable to other blog posts as simpler visual aids
  • Google is looking at algorithmic changes to discount unintended links from embedded infographics

What Visual Assets and How to Use Them

Rand explains how to use the below types of visual assets that often create more value, a easier to produce and provide better links than the commonly used infographic:

  • Photos – these are often picked up around the web.
  • Charts and Graphs – they get picked up by people who need to illustrate the numbers of relating to a topic they may be writing about.
  • Visual Representations of Concepts – such as pyramids or flow charts.
  • Comic, illustrations or storyboard – use these to tell a story visually.
  • Screenshots with annotations – these could provide ‘how-to’ notes or explanations among many other possibilities.