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This week, Rand talks about the current trend for SEO people to change their name or business description to “inbound marketing” or “web marketing”, rather than doing “SEO”. Here are the reasons Rand has for this shift.

  1. SEO is bigger than “SEO”

As the ranking factors have changed, so have the SEO tactics that go with them. For example, link building was a great strategy back when link graph data was a major ranking factors, but no so much anymore. With newer factors like brand signals now playing a major role, an SEO needs to look at marketing in general in order to move up rankings in the big engines.

  1. The perception is SEO is hard to change

The perception of SEO as spammy and unethical is difficult to change, as the first contact many have had with SEO is negative. Due to this, changing the name or title of what you do can provide a better first impression.

  1. We’re selling ourselves short

As SEO is bigger now, it is difficult to do great SEO without meddling in UX, social and advertising. In addition, working on these other fields will also drive more traffic.

As a final reminder, don’t forget that change isn’t bad. The field of SEO is maturing, and there are few other folk out there better equipped to handle change.