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Benefits of Blogging

Blogs have many advantages. These can include increasing your website traffic, brand awareness, links, your audience and community engagement.

The Power of Differentiating

The most powerful way to have a broad blog readership is two create unique value. This can be done in by:

  • being the first to write about something there is not much information around on
  • your blog providing unique value to blogs out there on similar topics. This unique value could be from design/UX, content quality, format. 

10 More Tactics

  1. Participate to earn Participation

Chime in with valuable comments on other blogs to increase your credibility in your industry.

  1. Build Personal Connections with Early Contributors

Make sure you build a relationship with the first few people interacting with your blog (through comments, shares etc.) by visiting their blog and engaging with it or tweeting them a ‘Thanks’.

  1. Never Use a Subdomain or Separate Root Domain for Your Blog

This will split the domain authority you have. Instead focus on consolidating this by using one domain.

  1. Mention, Quote, Include and Reference Influencers

A trick though – don’t always go after the ‘bigtime’ influencers who get multiple mentions every day. Instead try targeting a more up-and-coming influencer. They’re more likely to notice/appreciate your mention because they wouldn’t get them everyday.

  1. Better Content > More Content

There’s a lot of advice out there pushing more content, however, Rand has observed that many of the blogs nowadays getting a lot of traction are only producing content on a weekly or monthly basis. The difference is the content is of a higher quality.

  1. Experiment with Creating Visuals that could be Referenced/Reused

Making your own visuals (even if they’re a bit crappy) usually gets more citations than text content as they can be used more broadly.

  1. Invest in Email Subscriptions

This has taken over RSS as the most affective way to get return visitors to your blog.

  1. Create a Self-Service Method for Translation/Re-Purposing Rights

Putting a note in your footer or sidebar saying how users can reuse your content can actually nudge more people to do it by inspiring them!

  1. Challenge Thought-Leaders and Conventional Ideas

Doing this respectfully can get the attention of thought leaders and build yourself a unique voice and audience.

  1. Use Social to Share Multiple Times

Repromoting content through social can target different audiences and get more traction for your best content. See the ‘schedule’ from KISSMetrics which better explains how to execute this: