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This week, you’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for SEO tips! Instead, Rebecca has 10 things you didn’t know about the man behind SEOMoz.

  • Rand giggles when he hears “link condom”.

  • He’s paranoid SEOs will find his high school photos.

  • If you don’t buy premium membership, he will shoot you.

  • Rand insists he is called “Neo” at the office.

  • He’s kind of stupid. Everyone else does all the work while he plays with his Transformer dolls.

  • Noon to five is his nap time.

  • To warm up for Whiteboard Friday shootings, Double Scotch Friday shooter.

  • Despite the rumours of Rand’s niceness, he actually kicks puppies. We’re all scared of him.

  • He has an evil plot to take over Search Engine Land. All he needs is a flag.

  • Rand enjoys singing “Bootylicious” at the office. It is truly awful.