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John Doherty, a former agency marketer at Distilled talks about the things he wish he knew back then, now that he has some in-house insight in his position at

  1. The client is the expert in their field, you are only the expert in your industry.
  2. Get to know the whole marketing team so you can have a more collaborative approach and understand the way the marketing team functions. This will also help inform your decisions about what recommendations you make, as you know their limitations on skills and resources.
  3. Don’t forget that you are the outsourced solution regardless of how accepted you are by the client’s team.
  4. As an external agency, you are less responsible for results as you might think. It is ultimately the in-house team who will execute your strategy.
  5. In-house marketers are so busy as they often deal with things across the whole marketing team, which means deadlines don’t matter as much as you think. Just communicate issues as soon as they arise and things should be okay.