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Recently, Google has mentioned they will start looking at penalising over-optimised websites and over the top SEO. This week, Rand gives you six traps to avoid!

Authentic, Non-Spammy Titles

It should sound like a human wrote your title, and that the purpose is not solely to rank for keywords.

Manipulative Internal Links

Rather than lists and lists of links, change and modify the anchor text and keep it sounding natural.

Cruddy, Link-Filled Footers

Avoid lists of links in the footers; you’re better off working the anchor text into the main part of the web page.

Text Content Blocks Built Primarily for the Engines

This will only trick the engines into penalising you.

Backlinks from Penalty-Likely Sources

Use caution, and avoid the following traps:

  • Link networks

  • Comment spam

  • Automated software

  • Forum signature links

  • Reciprocal lists

  • “Article Marketing” sites

  • SEO-focused directories

Large Amounts of Pages Targeting Similar Keywords Intent with Slight Variations

Instead, make a single page that targets all the keywords in a non-manipulative manner.