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  1. Put a Whiteboard in a Non-Work Place – Sometimes ideas will come to you when you’re not at work, so it’s a good way to make sure you get these down and are not lost.

  2. Prioritize SEO Tasks Early – Make time to do this before you get into completing the tasks, this will ensure the most important things get done first.

  3. Schedule Research Time – SEO is a fast paced industry so it’s important to keep up to date. Devote some time to research any changes.

  4. Create an Email Address for Each of Your Clients – You can use this when signing up to SEO programs and services for them.

  5. Take Time to Explain Your Job – SEO is not general knowledge and is quite a niche area. Explaining it to people is a great way to get clients.

  6. Schedule meetings with online marketers in other niches – This can be a great way to keep up with other areas of the online marketing industry, and help extend your own thinking.

  7. Be Thankful – Being an SEO is a unique and flexible job. It can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection. Be thankful for all it’s perks.