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Does the age of your site matter?

If the age of the site is a ranking factor, it contributes a tiny, tiny amount. When you go through the SERPs, you may see a lot of older sites ranking well, but this is a correlation, not causation. The older sites got exact domain names and have had time to build brands. For these and many more reasons, older sites may appear to be performing better.

What about domain registration length?

It’s possible that when looking at a range of factors, if the site is registered for a very short time, this could negatively affect your rankings. However, if you’re site is not manipulative and spammy, don’t worry too much about registering for a short time.

Do old links boost rankings more than new links?

The idea is that as about 80% of the internet is recycled every year, the older links that still exist must be continually linked to and referenced, and therefore more powerful than the rest of the internet. Hence, older links really could have more power.

What if my link disappears for a while?

Do not worry if a link disappears and then comes back. Provided the link is from a good site and it’s relevant to your audience, the link disappearing for a year will not greatly impact your site.