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Rand talks about the self reinforcing effect of good marketing and how to leverage that to create what he refers to as a “Marketing Flywheel”.


As you earn links, build visitor loyalty and increase your reputation and influence, SEO begins to become easier in that as your brand naturally gains more awareness, organic traffic, links and esteem.

Social Media

As your audience increases, you’re more likely to get reshared, on twitter popular posts are more likely to get recommended on the sidebar.

When you’re seen to be engaging with your community, they’re more likely to engage to because they can see you are active.


At first getting email subscribers can be really difficult, but as more people subscribe, people will become more aware of your email list and you will see subscriptions increase more rapidly.

Content Creation

As you become a “must-read” resource and create relationships through content, you get more traffic with less promotion.

How to Create a Marketing Flywheel:

  1. Be willing to invest more, and for longer than in non flywheel tactics.
  2. Be willing to accept failure.
  3. Learn to see the flywheel in everything – PPC (ads get cheaper as quality score increases), branding, retargeting, outreach (build relationships, not just links).