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SEO consulting can be a real minefield. This week, Rand and Will go through some things to make it easier to find one the services that are right for you.

Consulting vs Outsourcing

  • Consultants provide your team with information where the team lacks expertise.

  • Outsourcing means though you may have the expertise, you lack the resources to complete the work.

Generally, you will fall into one of these buckets. Usually, the people who really win are those that use consulting, and keep the knowledge internal. However, there are scenarios (such as for smaller businesses) where outsourcing works better. You do not want to be in the situation of lacking knowledge and resources, then you should look at your business model.

Recommendations and Sourcing

  • Lists – but be wary! Not all should be trusted, so assess the source carefully.

  • Personal recommendations.

  • Web content – search for answers, and you will probably find people who are experts.

  • Conferences and events – these are particularly excellent sources, as you have the secondary trust factor of other people showing their trust in the expert.

Establishing Expertise (and Personal connection)

  • Open with tactics and logical – also be cautious of SEO’s providing too much knowledge for free. If it’s free, it’s probably not that great.

  • They should be transparent about the process.

  • Love your consultant – there has to be trust, especially as many SEO tactics require an outlay, and the results may take some time to appear.