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Sometimes search can blend into the background of a company, and you will need to justify the buy in. Marshall Simmonds is here this week, to give you some strategies to help you keep your job.


  • Ego – one of the best ways to motivate via ego is to show failure – for example, where another brand is beating your brand where you should be winning.

  • Money – it is essential that the company understands the value of their backlink profile as their foundation from a search engine perspective.

  • Traffic – in many companies, social marketing is stealing the SEO budget, though really they are intertwined. It is important that the company’s message is consistent across all marketing areas.

  • Data – SEO results in a lot of data, though not all of this is relevant. However, ensure that the editorial team gets data that quantifies and rewards their efforts. Upper management will want to see traffic on a year to year basis.

What you should always know

  • How much what you are doing will cost

  • How much it will make

  • What the traffic potential is

  • What will be involved

If you don’t know these answers, you will be accountable when things go wrong with your SEO plan. You also need a contingency plan for these situations.