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As your business grows, SEO consulting may become a good idea. Rand suggests that the following be considered before deciding whether to invest in SEO consulting.

Revenue from SEO 

For investing to be worthwhile, SEO must bring in revenue or have the potential to increase revenue. You should be getting traffic that converts before investing in SEO.

Have either a problem or an opportunity

Problems could include being banned out of an engine, lost traffic or recent changes to your site have resulted in SEO issues. Also, if a ranking or traffic increase could significantly increase business, you can use SEO to capitalize on it.


How much you need to spend depends on the size of your company.

  • Small – $1-10k

  • Medium – $10-30k

  • Large – $30k+

Specific Goals

Rand believes traffic is the best KPI.  Depending on your business’ unique situation and desired outcome, rankings, re-inclusion, training, revenue and compliance with best practices are also good to set goals around.