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Content is expired when it is only meant for a certain amount of time and is no longer relevant. Examples of this would be a classifieds ad for something that’s already sold or a page for an event that’s already passed. Rand goes through the pros and cons of the following options for expired content:

  • Leave the content up, but inform users it’s expired and link to some other relevant content. The benefit of this is that it continues to bring traffic to your page however, the traffic may not be that high quality, because people will be likely to leave once they see it’s expired.

  • 301 redirect the page so traffic is instead directed to a different page when they click the link. Make sure the page they’re redirected to is relevant.

  • You can 401 the page so it comes up as expired, though Rand does not recommend this as an option as it’s bad for SEO and users.

  • Modifying the content is a great option when it’s possible to do so. For the example of an expired event page, you could change it to be about the event for the next year coming so all the links earned to that page are not lost.