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In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Richard Baxter has a few strategies to help get your site indexed ASAP.

  1. Normal crawling

There is a site that publishes a page, then waits for Google to crawl it. This is inconsistent, depending on domain authority etc.

  1. Update your XML site map

Tell Google you have updated your XML site map. Ping Google from Google Webmaster Tools, and they will turn up. Not super speedy, but faster than their normal crawl rate.

  1. Pub SubHubbub

Though the name is tricky, the technique isn’t too hard. Publish to a Pub SubHubbub and you will reach all PSH-compatible services automatically.

  1. Twitter

It seems likely that Twitter data has some influence on the SERPs, particularly if something is mentioned a lot by many people.

  1. Ping-O-Matic

This service is a bit of a combination of tactics 2 and 3. The site lets you quickly Ping a bunch of web services to let them know about your awesome new content!