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Many old on-page SEO tactics are still valuable and should be implemented, but there are also some newer ones to consider.

Old On-Page SEO

  • Keyword in title 1-2 times, and at the start of the title element.

  • Keyword is used 2-8 times exactly and 1 -5 times as partial matches in the body content.

  • Keyword in the URL.

  • Keyword in H1/Hx tags, though this is questionable.

  • Keyword in the headline.

  • Keyword in the alt attribute of an image.

  • Keyword in links pointing to the pages for internal anchors.

  • Related terms and phrases used occasionally.

This is still all important, but now there are newer, snazzier methods to also think about.

Modern SEO

  • Overlap between searchers intent and page content and purpose is high. Match these up as much as possible.

  • Make listing in SERPs outstanding. If your listing is more interesting than higher ranking listings, you may get more click throughs than those above you. Also, try to get your brand name in the URL.

  • Pages load fast and use responsive design. 4-5 seconds or less is ideal.

  • Title and content is socially shareable. Make it easy for users to share.

  • Oh yeah… all the old stuff too!