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This week, Rand asks you to consider the following things to make the social platform Twitter as effective to your marketing strategy as possible!

  • Length – The shorter the better. If it’s over 100 characters, you may not fit into the space, especially if you want to be re-tweeted.

  • Time of Day – Tweet between 9am-3pm Pacific time, Monday-Thursday. If you got in the earlier part, you’ll also hit the UK.

  • Phrasing – Make it definitive, humourous, shocking, mysterious or authoritative tweets tend to be re-tweeted more.

  • Subject matter – Try something technology, celebrity or politics based – studies have found these are topics twitter uses find interesting.

  • Images – these are popular because they’re quick and easy for users to look at.

  • URL vs Not URL – This will depend on your aim. Do you want increase your own Twitter following? Don’t use a URL. However, to be re-tweeted, tweets with URLs seem to be more successful.

  • Twitter Name and Profile – Use an image that is attractive (in terms of a good photo, not that you must be attractive personally), authentic looking and preferably well known.

  • Push Campaigns – Email friends, direct message popular tweeters and ask people to re-tweet you. Generally, asking for a re-tweet is easier than asking for a link.