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In this Whiteboard Friday, Danny has some ideas for us when pitching SEO to potential customers.

Key Points

  1. Acknowledge the “Snake Oil” Salesmen

The SEO industry can be a minefield, with many consultants who don’t deliver results. It’s important in your pitch to acknowledge this, and also communicate how you’re different. This could be with references from past clients, testimonials and collected data.

  1. Strategies are Easy but Tactics are Hard

The fundamental theories of SEO are not hard for most people to get their heads around, but the actual implementation is where a specialist becomes useful.

  1. PPC + SEO = Top of Conversion Funnel

SEO only requires a relatively small percentage of a budget, and once best practices are implemented and adhered to, can be virtually free. Also, SEO  is almost always responsible for bringing the majority of traffic to a site. This is actually the opposite for PPC.


  1. “SEO Takes Too Long”

Yes, SEO is a long process, but certain parts of your SEO strategy can be implemented quickly and bring results in the short term.

  1. “It Will Happen Organically”

Without specific SEO goals and strategy, a company’s web marketing won’t be as effective as it could be.

  1. “I’m Too Busy”

Learning SEO can be complicated to learn, but luckily there are SEO professionals that can do it for businesses. This of course costs money, but will possibly pay for itself when the business profits from effective marketing.