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This week, Will Critchlow and Rand chat about what you can do to keep your clients happy.

Setting Expectations

  • Have clear expectations in the contract, and make sure the client understands the contract. Be careful of too much jargon or legalese that is confusing to the client.

  • Communicate to the client the ‘burden of execution’, so they know what staff and resources are required to fully implement your strategies.

  • Remember SEO can be confusing if you’re new to it, so take responsibility as the SEO to communicate and educate your client on SEO specifics.

Agreeing on Success Metrics

  • Clients may not understand what the best success metrics are, so it’s important as an SEO that you explain the pros and cons of different metrics.

  • Business metrics are a good way to measure SEO success because both the SEO and client understand them, and a better bottom line is really the motivation for clients to improve SEO.

  • Traffic can be a good measure, but you have to make sure the quality of traffic is monitored and measured as well as the quantity. Also, many other variables for the business could result in an increase or decrease in traffic, regardless of SEO, so account for these when using these metrics.

Results Aren’t Enough!

  • Even if  you’re achieving good SEO results, client happiness also depends on a positive relationship with their SEO. Make sure to check in with your client regularly and keep up with what’s happening within their business and their industry. This will not only make them feel attended to, it will also improve your understanding of their business needs, thus helping you be a better SEO.

  • Regularly report to your client your SEO progress and give recommendations of things they could implement so you can start to see results.

  • Try to under promise and over deliver.

  • When things become unsalvageable, it’s important that both parties can walk away from a bad situation.