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Lately, Google seems to have been favouring brands that have built up recognition in the minds of consumers. This is great if you’re a big site, but how can you prevent it hurting your smaller brand?

What makes a brand

  • Appearance and repetition of text content.

  • Context of use and positioning – a brand will show up all over the web, and off the web.

  • User-based signals – brands are mentioned in social media and search queries, and language and communication.

What to do for SEO

  • Don’t ignore branding – it’s easy to become overly focused on the basic SEO elements.

  • Don’t let your SEO get ahead of your “organic” momentum – don’t become solely SEO, and make sure you are talked about and mentioned in social networks and blogs. Remind consumers of your brands ‘human’ side.

  • Work to make your site/product names “brand-friendly”.