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Title Tags + Social Meta Tags = Happy Place

Jen takes us on a tale of two marketers and how the work of these two when combined can provide better results.

Two Marketer Types

  • Search Engine Optimization Marketer (SEO) – focused on the robots and spiders, they dial-in keyword rich titles, make sure there are informative meta descriptions and presents it all in the right schemas.
  • Social Media Marketer (SMM) – focused on the social media side of things and the people are the targets for things they do like open graphs, Twitter cards and rich pins that they share all over the social media world.

The combination of the methods of these two marketers equals a marriage of magical proportions. Virality from social media and the stability created by SEOs regarding content will take it to another level.

More detail on how to better perform the marketing methods of these two marketers can be found on the links below and you can take it from there to combine them as you wish.

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