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What do you do when the standard <a href=http://…> isn’t enough? This week Rand discusses some methods for when a text link just isn’t right.

Image Links

Here, you have 2 options:

  • Links in the image tag. However, this doesn’t work as well as the anchor text. Then, you can use the following method.

  • CSS image replacement. This gives the search engine text, but the users the image.

Form Links

  • This is where you may have boxes that can be checked. Use the <noscript> tag.

iframe Link

  • The problem is the content is assumed to come from the web page that is hosting the original source of the content, not the page that is displaying it. Use the <noframes> tag to link back to the content.

Links that can’t be crawled

  • Javascript, Flash and Java Applets do not pass very much, if any, link value.