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As the internet has evolved, so have its users. Web marketers need to keep up with them, so here’s a little timeline with some handy hints to keep you on top of your on-page optimisation.


  • Be specific about what your site offers

  • Keep it clean and concise

  • Call to action – what do you want users to do?

  • The page should be branded and trustworthy

What’s changed

  • User involvement

  • Trust has been redefined

  • Social engagement and UGC is expected

  • Design expectations have been raised

  • Search equals discovery, not a sale

  • Sentiment – the user needs to feel positive about you


  • Rethink conversions – social counts, member counts, downloads, demo counts and feedback.

  • Brand strengthening – mission statements, awards, consistency, badges and positivity.

  • Test all truths – layout, sentiment, features, design and navigation.

Action checklist

  • Rethink goals

  • Connect with other teams

  • Get started