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The SEOMoz’s Help Team members Aaron and Cyrus are here this week to answer some of the most common questions they’re asked over the tech support lines.

To www, or to non-www?

  • Depending on whether it’s an established site or brand new, consider which subdomain has more links coming into it using Open Site Explorer. Choose which ever is most powerful

  • Look at which one you are ranking for.

  • Set preferences in WebMaster Controls.

I haz all da 404’s. What now?

  • Find the source of the 404’s using Open Site Explorer top pages, Web App (CSV), WebMaster Tools or Xenu Link Sleuth.

  • Fix the problem by fixing the source link, or if there are too many, fix the page or create new page.

My links aren’t indexed!?!

  • The link is buried in deep levels of navigation, regardless of domain authority.

  • There are few or low authority links linking into the page.

  • Can humans find them? If yes, it’s more likely the search engines will find it.

Why is only 1 page getting crawled?

  • Your Robots.txt is overblocking Roger, so only the homepage is crawled.

  • The homepage is www, but not the other pages. Therefore, only one page is in the subdomain and being crawled.

  • Sometimes there are no links on the homepage, and there is nothing to crawl. The other issue is if all links are in JavaScript or Ajax, as they can’t always be accessed.

  • The homepage has a 301 or 302 redirect to another subdomain or URL.

  • The site is all in Flash.

  • The site gives a 404 in the http access code, but has content.

How does On Page Reporting work?

  • Many sites have low hanging fruit. It will show you your highest rank for each of your keywords, and give you a grade. On Page reporting will also give you some suggestions on how to optimise the page to help you rank higher.

How do I change my profile picture?

  • Log into your SEOMoz profile.

  • Click Edit.

  • Click Edit Photo.

  • Click Upload.

There you have it!