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This week, Rob Kerry sits down with Rand to talk URL hijacking. If you have an affiliate site, it can be difficult to get it to rank due to branding and authority. What you can do is use someone else’s domain name with that authority already behind it. You find ways of getting your content on their site and then rank for your keywords. There are legitimate ways (like making profiles on Digg) and illegitimate ways (hijacking) to do this.

This is one way to hijack using Google’s translate option, though it no longer works.

  • For example, take the URL

  • This loads the Google translate page for doing an English to English translation.

  • Now you have Google’s Domain Authority, it’s easier to rank. You can go out and spam 10,000 blogs, and get maybe 500 links from it.

  • You can get a lot of .edu links from old content also.

  • This doesn’t work on Google, but it does quite well on Yahoo!.