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Within the internet, there are some good sites, some okay sites, and a LOT of spam sites. Search engines don’t want the spam clogging up their indexes, with the best way to segment being trust. This week, Rand talks about Trust distance as a ranking factor.

Trust distance

Trust distance is the number of link hops a site is from one of the trusted seeds.

  • Trusted seeds (0 trust distance) – these sites are those that are obsessive about having no spam, and all the content is main index worthy.

  • One Domain Link Away (-1 trust distance) – these sites will have 0.1% spam, and about 95% of content main index worthy.

  • Two Domain Links Away (-2 trust distance) – 10% of this is spam, and 70% is main index worthy.

After these levels, things get pretty hairy and have little trust. Getting closer to the trusted seeds is one way to potentially build trust and better your rankings in the search engines.