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In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand looks at building a client base in the early days of starting your own consulting business.

Build a handful of case studies

Have a few sites and cases you can point to showing your work; even family members sites and profiles.

Offer pro bono work

However, ensure you make the offer very specific with a clear end point or date, and try to stick to charities and small local start ups.

Be a connector

Help people find each other and know what is happening in the field.

Choose a specialty and write about it

Make your topic unique and write a definitive guide. Contribute widely and show off your skills.

Don’t be scared to say no

When you’re starting up, it can be easy to make mistakes and take on work that doesn’t suit you. Rather, point unsuitable customers somewhere they will get what they want.

Help everyone you can

In any way you can, help people when they need it. Whether through an introduction or taking furniture somewhere, everything you do will help build your network.