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Often business owners have a skewed perception of the attractiveness and usability of their site design. Letting them know that their website design could be dampening their marketing efforts and needs to change, can be difficult. Thankfully, in this Whiteboard Friday, Rand puts the minds of marketers and agency consultants at ease, with a simple 4 step process to tell your boss or client that their ‘baby’ is well, ugly.

1. Start by doing a bit of market research. This does not have to be on a grand scale, it can simply be a short survey you send to only a small group of people. Ask the survey participants to to rate your site, and a number of your competitor’s sites, on a scale of 1-5. Make sure when doing this, that the group of people you send it to includes current customers, potential customers and people who are influential within the industry as to get a mix of opinions.

2. If the results come back showing your website is indeed not competitive in terms of UX, look at your top of the funnel metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and browse rate. Decide whether improving these metrics by creating a better site will be a game-changer for the business. Sometimes, they are not. The goal is to invest in strategies that will give you the greatest return. If they are important metrics for a business though, it means you should probably get a site redesign.

3.  Use the following three tools to conduct usability testing for a site in a cost effective manner:

4. If you are in need of a web designer and want great quality with breaking the bank, Rand has this hack – go on and find highly rated designers that have only very small portfolios. They will likely do a great design on the cheap as they are looking to build their portfolio.

5. Test the new web design on specific pages to see what the impact on conversions is. PPC landing pages can be a good starting point for this.